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Weber T-37 Seat
The T-37 Trainer (Tweety Bird) is still in use as is the ejection seat designed by Weber Aircraft. The seat is an early design with a two stage trigger mechanism. This means the pilot would have to raise the ejection grips and then squeeze the triggers that were uncovered. The basic seat design was adapted for other uses such as the NASA Lifting Body experimental aircraft.

Two seats in a Tweet
Instructor pilot seat bucket and actuation handles
The seats from above showing the catapult mounts
Side of the IP's seat headrest, shows the rail assembly
For comparison, M2F1 seat 3/4 Left
For comparison, M2F1 seat 3/4 Right

Thanks to Tony Landis and NASA for providing the lifting body pictures on this page. Thanks to Weber Aircraft for the two view. The other pix are copyright 1998 The Ejection Site and Kevin Coyne

The M2F1 and M2F2 seats on this page were designed and built by Weber Aircraft

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