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NASA Ejection Seats: Lifting Bodies M2-F1, M2-F2
One of the more unique flight concepts tested by NASA was the Lifting Body concept. Lifting body aircraft use the shape of the fuselage to produce lift without a conventional wing. The concept was developed in the early 1960s and was first flown in a manned version as the M2-F1. The M2-F1 was nicknamed the flying bathtub, and was initially flown by being towed by a souped-up Pontiac. The top speed achieved was in the vicinity of 120 miles per hour.

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M2F1 seat 3/4 Left
M2F1 seat 3/4 Right
M2F2 seat Right side
M2F2 seat Left side
M2F2 seat Front
M2F2 seat Right side B/W

Thanks to Tony Landis and NASA for providing the pictures and diagrams on this page.

The M2F1 and M2F2 seats on this page were designed and built by Weber Aircraft

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