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OV-1 Mohawk Ejection sequence
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  1. Ejection Decision
  2. Canopy Jettison
  3. Seat begins to rise, leg restaints retract legs
  4. Catapult fires; First seat movement
  5. Trip-rods arm drogue gun and TRU (barostat timer assembly)
  6. Seat clears airplane, drogue gun lanyard withdraws sear
  7. Lanyard initiates seperation rocket
  8. Drogue gun fires
  9. Drogue gun piston pulls drogue chute from seat headrest
  10. Drogue chute inflates, begins to slow seat.
  11. TRU Barostat inhibits timer until below 10000 ft.
  12. TRU 1.25 second delay passes, then TRU :
    1. Releases Inertial reel harness
    2. Unlatches Survival Kit from seat pan
    3. Unlocks 'Scissor shackle'
  13. The Drogue Shackle then imparts the pull of the Drogue chute to the Main Parachute Extraction Line
  14. The Main Parachute Extraction line pulls the Face Curtain Retainer pins from the sides of the headrest
  15. Then the Main Parachute Extraction Line extracts the Main Chute Bag, stretching the Main Chute Risers to the full length
  16. The Main Chute then inflates to full
  17. The Crewman is pulled from the seat by the parachute
  18. Opening shock tends to cause Crewman to release the Face Curtain

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