Wandered and Pondered: Military & Aviation

The Wandered and Pondered Link Collection is verified whenever possible. Due to time limitations, the non-Military segments have been removed.

Verified and Updated 2/8/00
The Ejection Site
Martin-Baker Official Homepage
Martin-Baker Support America
Universal Propulsion Co. BF Goodrich Ejection Seats- Stencel and ACES II
East/West Industries
Survival Kits, Oxygen Systems, Ejection Seat parts and refurbishment. Crashworthy and Crew seats
Stanley Aviation Official Homepage
Hit The Silk LLC US seller of the SKS-94 Escape System
Zvezda Russia Ejection Seat and Survival equipment manufacturer
Jim Griff's Ejector Seat Site
EjectionSeat.COM Some info on seats, 4th Gen Photo
Martin Herker's Ejection Seat Page Excellent Info especially Physics
TSgt Terry Rhodes Egress Site The Egress Tech Web Presence
Indian Head Division, NWSC Tri-Service energetic subsystems- Ejection seat Pyro Manufacturers
The SAFE Association Engineering Association for Safety systems
Ejection Seat Simulator Good photo, seat bucket shape for F-4
Vertical Seeking Seat Demo
China Lake Links
Advanced Recovery Sequencer
Ejection Seat Analysis
EJECT! - Aviation Homepage
F-111 Module Description
Mike's Cockpit
Civilian Service and Parts
Hammond Enterprises Civilian Seat maintainance, Seat Parts
Czech Jets Civilian L-39 Trainer experts in maintainance, Seat work for the L-39
Aviator's World Surplus parts and Ejection Seats
Magnum Aero Surplus parts and Ejection Seats
Seat Star European Ejection Seats and Surplus parts
Check 6 Aviation Surplus helmets and survival gear
G.E.M. INNOVATIONS Surplus parts and Ejection Seats