Danger, Ejection Seat!!!

      The last aircraft has just landed and taxied to the forward section of the flight deck. The flight deck literally comes alive with hundreds of men intent on completing an assigned task within a minimum amount of time; namely, fueling crews, catapult crews, maintenance men, plane captains, flight crews, trouble-shooters, and flight-deck control personnel.

      The noise level is deafening as the engines of the tow tractors groan under the load of an aircraft during respotting of the deck. Maintenance men are performing a high-power turnup on two "birds" just aft of the island, and the screams from the engines exceed all of the other noises. Suddenly, a loud explosion shatters the air,and an object...no! Two objects are airborne in the area above the A-7's. What! Is one of those objects a man, or is it just a bundle of cleaning rags? Gravity pulls the objects back to the flight deck,and two distinct sounds are heard: a metallic clang, clunk, clunk, and a sound much like the sound of a water- melon being dropped on cement. Now,we can identify at least one of the objects. It is an ejection seat of an A-7. The other object appears to be a man--a badly misshapen man. Both of his arms and one leg are broken. His nose is bloody, but he seems unconcerned about his condition. He is DEAD!

A premature death can be your fate if you do not understand the operation of the equipment that you are maintaining or are utilizing.

----- Excerpt from a U.S. Navy training booklet

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