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Lockheed T-33 Ejection Seat

The Lockheed T-33 was equipped with this seat. It is typical of the early USAF seats with its armrests and loop style ejection handles. The seat was modified several times over its career, and the one shown is an early one, however it does include the automatic separation. The parachute shown is an S-2 which was used in the very early versions. Later versions would use the SA-20 parachute. The lap belt was not available when these photos were taken. Later versions also were fitted with canopy breakers.

This seat belongs to Jean Potvin, a parachute rigger and researcher who has become interested in ejection seats. He is a member of Parks College Parachute Research Group. He also owns an Escapac IG-2, and a Weber F-106A seat.

3/4 Right view, dressed
3/4 Right view, undressed
3/4 Right rear view
Rear view
Left side view

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