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Mirage V Martin-Baker Mk. BRM-4
The Mirage V is fitted with a Martin-Baker Aircraft designed seat manufactured in France. The seat here is in the collection of Toussaint Luc of Belgium. He has a spare if anyone is interested. Interesting points to note on this seat are the yellow/green striped firing handles, and the unusual colors of the straps in general. The headrest area has a variant on the routing of the face curtain attachment straps. In the typical European style, the seat is fitted with an integral harness. The release box is slightly different in configuration from a British one.

Luc has a spare Mirage V seat, and a Buccaneer seat also.

The upper firing handle and headrest.
Note the packed drogue, and the safing pin hole
The upper section of the seat from the front
The parachute, headrest strap and padding
Looking down at the lower half of the seat
View of the front of the seat pan

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