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Buccaneer Martin-Baker Mk. 6 BSB-2
The Buccaneer is fitted with a Martin-Baker Aircraft Mk. 6 BSB-2 series seat. The seat here is in the collection of Toussaint Luc of Belgium. Although not complete, the seat with it's somewhat unusual two-tone finish shows several of the mechanisms well. The dataplate on this seat still lists the seat as a Mk. 4, but the seat has been upgraded with the underseat rocket to bring it up to Mk. 6 specs. Note that the parachute container is not present, and the seat is not rigged. Also missing are both firing handles, and the survival kit box. Another reader sent in several photos of an in-service rear seat which are viewable here.

Luc has a spare Buccaneer seat, and a Mirage V seat also.

Lower Left section showing occupant weight dial
Front View Note the parachute backing area
Lower right showing the seat portion
of the personnel equipment connector
Lower left showing the connector for
rocket tilt control. This is used to tilt the rocket based on the dialed in weight of
the pilot.
Rear view showing the back of the inertia
reel harness assembly. Note the TRM has been actuated and both the timer and restraint
release rod are extended in this photo, as is the trip rod from the drogue gun on the left.
the drogue gun is not present, and the rod is suspended inverted by the lower attach point.
The vertical metal rod on the inside of the left main beam is the inertia reel release rod,
which is in the released position due to the TRM restraint release rod depressing the release
lever (just visible as a small dark rectangle under the TRM rod alongside the outside of the
right beam)
Rear of the seat showing the seat pan
height adjusting motor (green unit between the main beam assembly) as well as some of
the plumbing details. Also visible are both the DGU and TRM yellow trip rods dangling.

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