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Buccaneer S2 Martin-Baker Aircraft Mk. 6 BSB-2

These photos of the Buccaneer S2- Mk. 6 BSB-2 ejection seat come from Mark Verbeek. As I have written about the Buccaneer seat owned by another reader, I'll limit my commentary to features more visible in this in-service seat. The main part is of course the parachute box which is similar in shape, but more square than the Mk. H-7 box. The parachute box sits on the typical inverted horseshoe shaped brace on the seat back, and is pressed forward for positive separation by a pair of springs between it and the metal backing. These features are very visible in the second photo. Also visible in the first and second photo are the two cable lanyards atop the seat which are used to pull the sear out of the main catapult cartridge. One is routed to the face curtain handle, the other one leads to the seat pan secondary firing handle.

This seat is a rear seat, which is clear due to the straight sides of the seat pan as well as the label on the headrest.

Right Side view
Parachute box showing the nylon wrapped springs
Rear left pan area
Front of pan showing the yellow survival kit
Right seat pan with PEC seat portion only

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