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F-104G Martin-Baker Aircraft Mk. GQ-7(A)

These photos of the innovative display of the MBA Mk. GQ-7(A) ejection seat 'ejecting' from a F-104G cockpit section at the Deutches Museum come from Lodo Kloek. The GQ-7(A) is covered somewhat in my Seats of the F-104, but features shown here include the deployed face curtain, and leg restraint lines (blue straps under the seat near the rear). Also shown in the lower shot is the uncoiling lanyard (slightly forward of the leg restraints) which would fire the underseat rocket as the seat left the aircraft. The white section barely visible under the canopy rail is the side of the underseat rocket and its aft hinge mount. The cockpit portion of the personal equipment connector (PEC) has been disconected, but the pilot portion is visible just above the rail.

Further photos of GQ-7A variants are available:

Front view
Left side view
Lower view showing the lower cockpit
Same as above with labels

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