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F-104G Martin-Baker Aircraft Mk. GQ-7(A)

These photos of a MBA Mk. GQ-7(A) ejection seat are from European correspondant Mark Verbeek. The GQ-7(A) is covered somewhat in my Seats of the F-104, but features shown here include the very unique hard parachute container (box). The harness, which as is the usual in European seats is fixed to the seat, is labled AUTOFLUG which is a German company which maintains many of the ejection seats of the German Air Force, manufacturing parts under license from Martin-Baker Aircraft.

The underseat rocket is painted a pale blue which indicates it is an inert unit for display and training. Live rocket packs are gloss white. Behind the yellow and black striped lower ejection handle is the connection points for the negative G harness strap. The red and black striped handle on the right seat pan wall is the manual override or scramble handle which allows a crewman to disconnect from the seat and exit the aircraft or seat with all the gear including the parachute and seat kit.

Other views of the GQ-7A may be found:

Front view Nice view of the headrest and the
parachute box.
Left side shows the unique shape of the
parachute box which wraps around the main beam assembly.
Lower view showing the PEC and underseat rocket well.
The yellow color of the survival kit is quite visible here. The striped
manual separation handle is also shown.
Rear of headrest.Note the banana
links on the crossbar at the top of the main beam which withdraw
the sear when the initiator below it is fired. The linkages for
the initiator are visible here.

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