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Ejection Seat Rockets and CAD/PADs

This page is a secondary page containing thumbnail images of various types of rockets, cartridges, Cartridge Actuated Devices (CADs) and Power Acutated Devices (PADs). Each thumbnail is clickable and will bring up a larger version of the photo. This will be a growing document, so please check back periodically for updates.

Note that many of these devices are inert training units, or fired units from seats that were ejected. Typically inert units are painted blue, while active units are painted white with a band of color. It is highly recommended that any rockets on a display seat be painted blue and clearly labeled INERT. No live rockets should be kept for display purposes, and any fired rockets should be treated as live due to the potential for rocket residue being retained. The nozzles on the rockets are normally covered with plastic covers as can be seen in some of these photos. The caps are blown off along with the metal disks that seal the inside of the nozzles. Some of the fired rockets have these covers replaced on them, they would not normally be present. The fired rockets often have damage to their paint jobs or physical damage due to the intense heat and the impact forces involved.

Thanks to the people who have let me use their photos, including Chris Woodul and another good friend who wishes to remain unknown.

F-4 Phantom II
Mk. H-7 Underseat Rocket
Mk. 92 Gas Initiated

View from underneath

F-4 Phantom II
Mk. H-7 Underseat Rocket
Mk. 92 Gas Initiated
View from above

F-4 Phantom II
Mk. H-7 Underseat Rocket
Mk. 92 Gas Initiated
Ejected and damaged rocket
Note the missing tube on the right

F-14 Tomcat
Mk. GRU-7A Underseat Rocket
Mk. 74 Gas Initiated

Ejected rocket with heat damage

AV-8A Harrier
SEU-3/A Seat back Rockets
Mk. 79 Gas Initiated
Training units

Unknown Seat
Large tube for High Sink Rate Aircraft
Mechanically Initiated

F-8 Crusader
Mk. F-7 Underseat Rocket
Mk. 54 Mechanically Initiated

Training rocket mounted on a seat

F/A-18 Hornet
SJU-5/A Underseat Rocket
Gas Initiated

Live, In-service Unit

Electrically Initiated
Pitch Stabilization Unit

Fired unit, note the sear pulled
just above and to the right of the nozzle

Gas Initiated

Pic taken before F-106 aft cockpit
was modified for testing of
F-105 seat modifications
Note the seat height actuator at
the base

Gas Initiated

Fired Unit. Note the nozzle at the base.
(More photos available, click the pic)

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