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F-101F Voodoo Weber Seat

These photos of a F-101 Voodoo rear seat are from correspondant Kevin Patrick, a F-16 Crew Chief. The seat is in his personal collection. He recovered it from 59-0454, a F-101F that had been used at Kunsan AFB, Korea for airframe repair training when the airframe was scrapped in 1994.

The F-101 Voodoo seat was designed and built by Weber Aircraft. This seat has the later modifications for it to use the Stencel force deployed parachute and DART stabilizer system. The DART is a set of straps and brakes that keep the seat stable as it rises out of the cockpit. The ballistic parachute includes a rapid opening system that is fired by the full stretch of the parachute lines. The gun then fires and sends a series of small weights out radially which are attached to the skirt of the canopy and pull it open for a very rapid deployment. Note the personal equipment connections on the the front of the seat pan. The seat was equipped with padded armrests and side handgrips which contain the firing triggers.

Front view with Parachute pack
Front view of the bare seat
Closeup of the seat back labels
Left side view
Right side view
Rear view
Front of the parachute pack
Rear of the parachute pack

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