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Martin-Baker Aircraft Mk. 2

These photos of a MBA Mk. 2 ejection seat are from European correspondant Mark Verbeek. The Mk. 2 shown here is on display at the Militaire Luchtvaart Museum at Soesterberg AB. It is believed to be Mk. 2FKR from the Fokker S-14 'Machtrainer'.

The early style Time Release Unit (TRU) is clear as is the slightly later version double-loop face curtain handle. The seat bucket has the classic early MBA upward front sections to contain the thighs. The cloth parachute container is the early rectangular style.

3/4 Right side
3/4 Left side
Right side
Right side of the headrest
Note the TRU
Left side of the headrest
Note the pin at the front of the headrest where the face curtain
is attached.
3/4 left view of the seat pan area
Note the parachute pack and the harness
Right side of the seat pan
Note the stowage for the safing pins

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