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Grumman F9-F2/4 Ejection Seat Trainer

The picture below shows an early egress trainer which was used to train pilots in ejection procedures. This one used a probably reduced charge in the catapult to allow the aviator a more realistic 'feel' as he was blasted up the track. The seat appears to be the Grumman F9-F2/4 Panther seat. It used a face curtain with a double loop of nylon cord as the firing mechanism. The track is limited to 20 feet based on its markings. The seat is shown at a height at the egde of the cockpit sill hence it was probably raised to that position prior to the photograph being taken. Rigs like this were also used for aeromedical research, and it is possible that this one was on loan to the USAF, or the USN was using their facilities for some reason. The reason for this theory is the USAF jacket hanging on the wall behind the unit.

This picture is from my collection, and is unmarked as to where it came from. If anyone can help identify where this was taken and the circumstances, please email me.

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