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F-89 Scorpion Seat

These photos of a set of F-89 seats are from a correspondant, Brian Nick who spotted them being prepared for shipping with the aircraft that they came out of. The F-89 front seat is designed to be lifted and lowered similarly to an office chair of the vintage with a set of springs and an 'A'-frame. Moving the handle on the side of the seat would allow for the seat to sink down under the weight of the pilot. If the pilot raised himself up from the seat, the springs would allow the seat to rise until the pilot stopped the adjustment. The aft seat did not have a height adjustment.

The canopy jettison system was compressed air actuated. The radar scope in the rear cockpit was retracted as part of the canopy jettison system to clear the Radar Observer's legs.

Illustratrion of major controls
Above illustration with the initators indicated
The two seats are strapped under the cockpit
with the front one visible in the foreground.
Close-up of the right side, front seat
Rear 3/4 left of the front seat
Front of the front seat pan area
Rear right of the front seat
note the pistons and rods that allow for the seat
raising/lowering on the frame
Full Right side of the front seat
Rear left of the aft seat
Front of the aft seat pan area

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