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The Lockheed-Martin/Boeing F22 Raptor
The future premier fighter aircraft of the United States Air Force, the Lockheed-Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor has evolved from a series of technologies that will revolutionize the air combat environment. It features similar Fly-By-Wire Flight Control Systems as the one used on the F-16 Fighting Falcon. It also encompasses stealth technology evolved from the F-117A Nighthawk and other Stealth aircraft. Its engines exhaust through a set of thrust vectored nozzles for exceptional high angle of attack maneuverability.

The cockpit is similar in design to that of the F-16C with a side stick controller and large polycarbonate canopy. The ACES II ejection seat is mounted on the rails at a 19.5° angle, leading to a slight reduction in G force during manuevering, but lessening the strain on the pilot's neck as compared to the F-16 30° leanback. The instrument panel is largely filled with the four primary Multi-Function Displays (MFDs).

The polycarbonate canopy is very resistant to bird strikes and must be jettisoned prior to the pilot ejecting. The egress systems were tested at Holloman AFB over the past few years and have passed tests of up to 450 KEAS. The image on the left anchors to a photo of the acceleration phase of the 325 KEAS sled test.

Special thanks to Gordon Cress, F-22 Egress Systems Team Leader with Lockheed-Martin, for providing the picture and some of the information for this page.

Also check out the Official Lockheed-Martin F-22 Raptor Site

Note: While the Aircraft is Lockheed-Martin's, large portions are manufactured by Boeing.

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