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F-16 Egress Trainer Simulator

Pilots and other crew who work in the cockpit of aircraft equipped with egress systems have to recieve training on the egress system and ejection seat so that they are fully familiar with the system and can use it safely. The system simulates ejection by moving the canopy open as if jettisoned, and rising the seat approxamatly 18 inches up the rails when the system is manipulated correctly. The primary use of such a sim is to provide the aircrew with the confidence that the system works as advertized and to familirize them with the motions and timing needed for a successful egress.

The instrumentation is represented by silkscreened images, but in this case the control sticks are real. This trainer belonged to a collector in New Jersey who recently sold it to Air Combat in Texas. If you are interested and have a lot of money, this unit is for sale. See The Air Combat School web page for details.

A brief description:

Manufactured by Lockheed Corp., P/N TAU-203-E, a complete cockpit section of F16A. The function was to teach egress for pilots in the F-16A Aces II seat and canopy system. It comes with motorized canopy and ACES II seat which can be raised and lowered by outside switches. Requires AC120/208 V, 60 hz, and DC 28V. Has communication ports, fan and inner/outer manual crank for the canopy. No instruments(simulated only) except for the flight controller and the throttle quadrant.

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