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Lockheed F-104 C-2

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These photos of a pair of Lockheed F-104 C-2 ejection seats come from Mark Verbeek. He took them at an airshow in Europe. The seat is interesting in its color scheme, and parachute pack. The thigh guards are painted red and marked with NO STEP type warnings. They attached arm nets are not fully stowed, so they are partially visible, as is the way it is attached to the thigh guards. This is particularly evident in the TF-104 seat photos. Since this seat is an evolved version of the C-1 seat, I will refer you to the C-1 seat page for details.

One major item more clearly visible is the seat separation strap. This is the dark colored strap extending from the headrest down to below the survival kit. On seat separation, this strap is withdrawn back into the headrest area by a gas driven rotary actuator. The lower portion of this strap is a 'Y' configuration where the two ends connect to the front of the seat pan. As this is one of the last actions of the separation, this causes the crewman to be pushed away from the seat to achieve positive separation.

The parachute pack is a European version made by EFA. Note the red painted rip cord handle.

The second seat is the front seat of a TF-104G. The primary difference is in the canopy breaker headrest. Although some people have refered to this version as the S/R-2, that is not the case. The S/R-2 is a C-2 which has a Stabilization/Retardation (S/R) drogue parachute attached. It also has a larger version of the oxygen bottle to allow for higher altitude survival.

Right side
Left side
Left front of the seat pan
Front pan Note the stirrups in the foot rest areas
3/4 front right Front seat of a TF-104 seat
Front view Note the deployed thigh guards
Top right Note the EFA mark on the parachute

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