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Seat Separation: The time where the seat decides it is time to part company with its occupant.

Eject! Eject!- The words no Aviator really wants to hear, yet they are the same ones that could save his life. This site is dedicated to all those responsible for the safety of Aviators, from the crew chiefs and his people to the designers and manufacturers of all the gear that pilots are loaded down with, as well as the riggers who pack the chutes and the egress techs who make sure the charges are installed properly and up to date.

This site is to designed to improve the knowledge base of the general public as to the concepts of pilot escape systems as well as to provide a nexxus of information related to the topic on the WWW.

The pictures on this page are of a Martin-Baker Mk. J5D ejection seat, as fitted to the OV- 1 Mohawk observation aircraft. The OV- 1 had been in service since the late 1950's and is just now being retired, after serving in obscurity over almost every major crisis area in the world.

Thanks to many contacts I have made in the egress community, including military personel, manufacturers, and collectors, this site continues to grow in spurts as more information becomes available, and as my time allows. There is much to look forward to, and I recommend that interested readers check back periodically for new information.

I'd like to take this small section to thank all the people who have helped me in the past, and let you all know that I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in egress systems.

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Ejection from an OV-1 Mohawk
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In Memorium

One of the most knowlegeable and helpful men in the history of egress, Mike Grost, passed away Sunday November 28, 1999. He was a tremendous help to many people in the egress community, and his work with Martin-Baker Aircraft and the United States Air Force was certain to have saved many lives.

Skip Goodman has provided a short synopsis of Mr. Grost's life. It is available at this link.

According to Mr. Grost's wishes, any donations should be made to:

The National League of Families of American Prisoners of War
and Missing in Action in Southeast Asia

1001 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 919
Washington, DC, 20036-5564

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