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MiG-29 early K-36DM seat

This seat is one of the latest acquisitions of Chris Woodul. It is an early Zvezda K-36DM probably from an early MiG-29. His source will provide some of the missing pieces such as the telescoping booms which fit in the open cylinders near the shoulder area. These booms extend aft as can be seen in the photos on this page of the K-36D Foreign Comparison Testing program seat. The booms provide a stabilizing force to counter pitch, yaw, and roll forces on ejection. The sign hanging across the backrest is attached to the safing pins for the seat. It warns that the seat is armed with pyrotechnic mechanisms. (This seat is not actually fitted with any of the cartridges or rockets.)

These photos were taken right after Chris recieved the seat, and I look forward to seeing how it looks restored!

3/4 Left rear view
Looking down the back
Left side

Thanks to Chris for allowing me to use these photos.

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