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Martin-Baker Aircraft Mk. GRU-7(A) F-14A Tomcat seat

The Mk. GRU-7(A) seat is a late model Mk. 7 family member. It is the direct decendant of the GRU-5 seat used in the early A-6 Intruder aircraft. That seat became the GRU-7 seat (with many modifications), which was followed by the GRUEA-7 for the stretched EA-6 Prowler aircraft. The F-14A required some other changes so its seat became the GRU-7(A). Features of the Mk. GRU-7(A) include a redesigned headrest and drogue container, a flatter, lower fiberglass parachute container, a survival kit with integral oxygen bottle, and an extended seat bucket shape. The underseat rocket is a gas initiated unit with a separate initiator actuated by a trip rod assembly on the side of the drogue gun unit. The lower down parachute box slims down the area at the top of the seat to allow for better rearward visibility. A curved guard was added to protect the linkages of the timer release mechansim and the drogue gun unit as well as the rocket initiator.

This one belongs to Chris Woodul, and is shown in two stages of its restoration. The first two photos (the 3/4 front, and the right side) show the latest work he has done changing the cushions and drogue flaps among many other little things.

Front view
Right side
Looking down at the seat pan
Left side of headrest.
The drogue witdrawal line is the silver colored line connecting the drogue slug and the flaps of the drogue chute container
Looking down the right side
The silver linkages at the top of the beam are part of the sequencing
system for the GRU-7A seat.
Thanks Chris Woodul for letting me use the photos of your seat!
Front seat of a F-14A of the Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Association
Aft seat of a F-14A of the Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Association

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