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Alpha Jet Mk. B-10N Ejection seat

These photos of a Mk. B-10N seat come from Mark Verbeek. The photo above is one he took at an airshow. The seat identification is tenative, but believed to be accurate. The seat is equipped with a large pair of canopy breakers on the headrest. It also uses the European style parachute harness which is integral with the seat as opposed to the USN/USAF separate torso harness style. This seat was photographed at an open house, and the seat is unsual in its appearance. The odd paintwork and lack of certain markings made Mark suspicious that the seat may be a training seat.

The Mk. 10 series of seats is used in several aircraft including the RAF Tornado, and the USN F/A-18. As with all Martin-Baker Aircraft seat families, there are many differences in the seats. These pictures should be contrasted with the Tornado IDS seat photos that Mark provided as well.

Left view
Right view
Note the large nozzle visible on the underseat rocket
Left side of the seat bucket
Again the nozzle of the underseat rocket is shown well
Close-up of the upper left
Right side of the Seat bucket
Note the slide tubes bolted to the front edge of the main beam. The seat bucket rides
up and down for crew height adjustment on these tubes.
Front of the seat bucket
The yellow survival kit is visible as well as the buckle for the parachute harness.
The rocket tubes are wearing protective covers which are removed before installation in the
aircraft. The blue straps are the leg restraint lines. The firing handle is hidden
under harness straps.
Tornado Mk. 10A seat for comparison

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