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Tornado IDS Martin-Baker Mk. 10A

These photos of the Tornado IDS Martin Baker Aircraft Mk. 10A ejection seat come from Mark Verbeek. He took them at an airshow. The seat is interesting as it has part of the climate control system run through the headrest which shows as the tubes on either side. The straps vertically up the front of the headrest are the parachute risers. The European harness has a set of straps that connect to a central box located in the center of the stomach which is visible on the seat. Also shown here is the typical European personal equipment connector (PEC) on the left hand side of the seat bucket. There are three pieces of the PEC, the seat portion which contains the valves, the pilot portion on the top where the crewmember connects their anti-g suit, oxygen mask, and communications, and the third portion- the cockpit services portion. The lower, cockpit services section, is disconnected by lanyard during upward seat motion. The upper section is disconnected as part of the man/seat separation automatic actions.

Note that in the last photo, the installed seat, the shoulder harness connectors are laid across the headrest for easier access when the crewman enters. Also visible in that photo is the hose connection to the climate control system.

3/4 left view
3/4 left rear view showing the oxygen bottle
Detail shot of the left side
shows the trip-rod which fires the drogue gun unit, and the underseat rocket initiator
which is visible as the silver unit marked 'DO NOT PULL OUT FLEXIBLE CABLE'
Left seat pan showing the PEC
Note the levers to the rear where the lanyard connects
Right side view The TRM is partially obscured by the
hose. The round housing in a square mount is part of the shoulder harness inertia reel
Details of the right rear Note the trip-rod for the TRM
The front and underside of the pan
Note that the seat would have an underseat rocket attached when armed.
The ejection initiator cartridge assembly is clearly visible
A seat installed in a Tornado front cockpit

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