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MiG-17 Ejection Seat

The MiG-17 used this ejection seat which appears to have been of the 'canopy capsule' type. The canopy capsule system used a canopy hinged at the top of the ejection seat that would fold down and cover the pilot from head to toe on ejection. The MiG-19 and MiG-21 also had versions of this, with the SK-1 being the version used in the MiG-21.

I have little information on this seat.

Left view, note the three rollers on the side are not in line
Right view, again, the four rollers seem to fit two tracks
Front view
Rear view, note that there are four sideways rollers visible here.

I appoligize to the photo sender, I have forgotten who it is. Let me know and I'll update this page.

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