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KM-1M MiG-21 Ejection Seat
The KM-1M ejection seat shown here was the late standard ejection seat used in the MiG-21. This seat does not have its parachute and survival kit, but is otherwise fairly complete. The cockpit section of this particular MiG-21 is owned by Vince Menza as part of his large collection of seats. The cockpit is missing most of the instruments and controls, but does include the canopy and gunsight. The triangle shaped grips are the primary ejection control. The red control on the right front of the seat pan is the emergency harness release control. On the sides of the seat back are visible the arm restraint paddles which fold forward and have a net to help keep the occupant from flailing. The round pipe in the front center is not part of the seat, actually it is the control stick minus the grip.

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