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Emergency Ejections occur dozens of times a year around the world, but rarely in sight of a person, let alone one with a camera. Of the tens of thousands of ejections since seats were invented in the 1930s, perhaps a few hundred have been photographed. Most of those were in the Naval Aviation area as that is one of the most dangerous flight regimes, and a carrier may often have cameras on board.

The following pictures are among the rare few that have been taken, and have been released for public viewing.

ThunderBird 6 Ejection

F-16 2003

CAPT Chris Stricklin ejects from ThunderBird 6 at Mountain Home AFB.

F-8 Inadvertant Ejection

F-8 Crusader 1963

Series of photos of an F-8 runway overrun accident. The pilot was saved by a thin strand of wire in a strange twist of fate.
Thanks to Thomas O'Rorke and the VMF-235 web page for use of these photographs.

Phantom over Vietnam

F-4B Phantom II - 1967

A combat photograph of a Phantom WSO ejecting over Vietnam

Crusader over the Angle

F8U-1 Crusader - 1961

Ejecting off the deck. A landing gear failure has consigned this F8U-1 to the deep sea, but the pilot can make it out.

Zero-Zero: the nightmare scenerio test

F-106 Ejection seat - 1965

Weber Aircraft built a zero airspeed/zero altitude ejection seat. Jim Hall got to prove it worked!

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