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Weber B52D Upward Ejection Seat
These photos are of a Weber Ejection Seat for a B-52D that is owned by one of my readers from California, Vince Murphy.

He is in the process of modifying the seat for use with his computer. The photos were taken the day the seat arrived at his house from Tucson Arizona. Here is what Vince has had to say about the seat:

"Though somewhat ragged, my seat was pretty much intact. The only thing missing besides the pyrotecnics was the Ox2 bottle...
I built a 2 1/2' x 3' sq steel base with rollers to move it around...
For the joystick supports, I made those out of aluminum and they will put the joysticks near the ejection handles. The hoses and fittings were in bad shape, so I cleaned those up as best I could & will probably paint them flat black. I have the seat belts, 0x2 mask hose, etc. The seat had been sitting out in the Arizona sun for a while and it shows. Under the seat I'm going to add a 75w sub-woofer connected to my amp & p/c. I got the whole idea from the Thunderseat. Thought I could do one better. "

B52D Seat Selected views
3/4 View Underside front
Lower Left Underside rear
Upper Left Bucket View
Rear Front View
Lower Right Left side (Bat angle)
Lower Front New Padded seat
Frame on new base Frame base closeup
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